Match Analysis Details

Name ______________________Date________Evaluator___________________ Please rate your skills or opponents from 1(low) to 7.0 (high). If you aren’t sure what to write, please put NS or estimate. Pre-match analysis/Self analysis Serve (the A,B,C’S) A=angle B= body C= center total Deuce court 1st … Continue reading


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Adult Team Training (Interclub)

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  • Men's and Ladies Team Training is Customized to improve Performance
  • Tandem Movement to plug the Positional Holes
  • The ABC's of Position
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  • Approach Shot and how to Attack
  • Return of Serve and how come in
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Series 1 the First Step in Development (Adv-Beginner-Beginner)

Lesson 1 The Serve

Lesson 2 The Forehand and review of the Serve

Lesson 3 The Backhand and review of the Serve and Forehand

Lesson 4 The Volley and review of the Backhand and Serve

Lesson 5 The Overhead and review of the Backhand and Forehand

Lesson 6 How to practice and Beginner Doubles Tactics

Private Lessons also Available for Individual Development