Pathway to Junior Development

Pathway to Junior Development

Program Design

Program design: (Tennis) Beginner

This program teaches hand – eye skills and ball control from the very basic steps. We use a games approach to learning with rewards for development of skills. The classes will be geared to more mechanical understanding of skill with fun while learning the conventional game. Ground strokes, volleys, and serves will be covered for proper tennis technique. This program is a great way of introducing your child to tennis and improving on their motor skills. We use all the specialized equipment like mini nets, softer balls, and shorter courts with faster development to advanced beginners. (Recommended Training 1-2 Clinics per wk year round play)


Program designed: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate (The Improver)

This program is designed for beginning to intermediate players ages 5 and up. It focuses on getting your child ready for interclub & league play. Students learn proper tennis technique, movement and strategy through a variety of drills and games. Intermediate level players will be introduced to match play and encouraged to participate in introductory level tournaments. (Recommended Training 2 clinics per wk 1-2 privates year round play)


Program designed: Advanced Intermediate/Advanced

This intensive program, designed for the tournament/interclub player, involves rigorous movement and agility drills and teaches advanced stroke production and strategy. Players work with coaches to develop personalized plans for improving their games. The program also includes challenge ladder match play. (Recommended Training 2 clinics per wk (2) privates per wk year round play)


Program designed: Pre-Elite

This group is for kids in a high grade level interclub team or players that are really serious about improving their tennis skills. This will be a tough workout so kids better come to play. This is specific and individually guided workouts to attack the weakness during competition play. It attacks tactical inconsistencies, emotional management, better self judgment and awareness during match play. (Recommended Training 4 clinics per wk 3-4 privates per wk year round play) note: Tennis Coaches will get final say on who is in this group!!!!!


Program designed: Elite

USPTA Master Professional Mike VanZutphen has had a huge amount of success coaching national champions. The Program was set- up to identify up and coming juniors and to give them a structure to grow into complete players. Player management takes commitment, including both private and squad lessons essential to maximize personal growth. Does your child want more serious improvement and to compete throughout America in tournaments? This could be the structure that will help you!!!! Challenging, Specific, Realistic, Short and Long Term Goals, Customized for each Individual to achieve their Highest GRADE/LEVEL. (Contact: Director/Head Coach to set-up Interview)