Lesson Top Ten Exercises for Tennis by Mike VanZutphen

Lesson Top Ten Exercises for Tennis by Mike VanZutphen


Top Ten Workout Exercises for Tennis
1. power jumps
2. lungs
3. push-ups
4. footwork

The Most Effective Exercises Are Always Functional In Nature
Now that you know why isolated exercises aren't the answer to reaching your full fitness potential, here’s what will accelerate your muscle development, fat-loss, and performance.
When you train using full-body functional exercises with challenging weights at a high intensity, using various interval and circuit training formats -- not only will you gain real strength, but you'll build a super lean athletic body in the process.
There are several natural, primary movements that you perform in your daily life. They can be broken down into 6 patterns: push, pull, squat, deadlift, rotation and flexion / extension of torso. So, in order for an exercise to become "functional", it must incorporate at least one of the 6 primary movements.
Think about it. Your body works as a whole - the sum of it's parts - never in isolation. When's the last time you participated in any activity that required you to use only one muscle at a time? So why would you train any different?
Performing functional exercises using your own body weight, dumbbells, barbells, and techniques used in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting is essential to gaining functional strength and boosting your metabolism. Combined with various time based intervals, repetitions, and speed, you'll be training your whole body to burn more fat and pack on lean muscle without even thinking about it.
With MAX Workouts, you'll discover which functional exercises are the biggest metabolic boosters (be prepared, you probably haven't done most of these before!). By correctly implementing these turbo-exercises into your workouts, you will finally be able to unleash your full fat-burning and muscle building potential -- getting you a stronger, leaner, and more athletic build.
"I just want to say how great your workouts are. I started in January and each one has been very challenging. I have been working out most of my life and have tried different routines but this one has shown the most results. I’m in my early 40’s and these workouts remind me of my days in the Marines. I got bored with my usual routine of the 35 to 40 minute jogs and the isolating weight lifting. I enjoy these because of the intensity and compound exercises. Also I’m not in the gym for an hour at a time. I have shed body fat and increased my strength (power). I see definition that I haven’t had before. I’m in the construction field and it sure helps with my work as I’m doing physical activities all day and makes you feel good also. Thank you."

-- Karl Rajala, MI
2. Increased Power & Performance
Power is the ability to perform a given amount work in a specified amount of time. The more you can perform within that time period, the more powerful you are. It's kind of like beefing up your car with a V8 engine. The bigger the engine, the more powerful the car.
In the industrial world, machines are rated according to their power. The more work a machine can perform in a given period of time, the higher it's power rating. The engine in a vehicle is commonly measured in horsepower. Therefore, the greater the horsepower of an engine the more work it is capable of doing.
For example, a truck with a big engine would be used to move a heavy load. You wouldn't want to use a truck with a smaller engine, thus having to transport the load in multiple trips would you? You see, you can accomplish the same amount of work in less time if you have a bigger engine. So what's your power rating?
How does this relate to you?
In the world of fitness and athletics, power and performance go hand in hand. When you combine the right elements in your workouts, you can produce a favorable neuroendocrine response -- which has an eerily similar effect to that of taking growth hormones.
As you may know, HGH (growth hormones) is the key to developing lean muscle and boosting your strength and performance. But HGH doesn’t have to come in a bottle. If you're working out smarter, you'll be teaching your body how to most effectively produce it naturally. If everyone knew this, the supplement industry would be out of business!
How Do You Get More Powerful?
In addition to performance, boosting your power is the most effective way to increases your lean body mass while burning fat at the same time.
In order to gain power you must train to increase strength and anaerobic threshold. By combining high intensity interval training, strength training, and circuit training you can increase your work capacity, making you stronger and more powerful.
Here's where one major misconception about fitness comes in. Weightlifting and cardio do not have to be separate. If you're used to weightlifting by splitting body parts alternated with long slow cardio days, I've got some news for you...
Training your body parts by muscle group and doing long slow cardio is ineffective, time-consuming, and is only good for pill-popping, can’t-stop-posing-in-the-mirror muscle-heads.
Performing functional, weight-bearing exercises in high intensity interval and circuit training formats is the single most effective way to skyrocket your power, lean muscle development, and fat-burning.
"I do want to tell you that this is the first workout program that has really fit me! I have been lifting for the last 14 years and have never found something that has made me so fit in a whole body sense. I am now able to do any sport with ease because your workouts have trained all of my muscles to work together..."

-- Jon Jore, MN
As I mentioned earlier, MAX Workouts is based on science, so let's take a look at one of the most popular case studies outlining the positive effect of high intensity interval training (HIIT), which is part of the foundation of the MAX Workouts training program:
Case Study: "Tabata"
A study comparing the effects of high intensity interval training vs. the effects of traditional moderate intensity steady cardio training in elite athletes was conducted by famed Japanese scientist, Dr. Tabata. After just 6 weeks of testing the two groups, the results were astounding.
The group which performed a very short, very high intensity interval training (7 - 8 sets of 20 seconds of exercise performed at 170% of VO2max with 10 seconds of rest between each bout with a total duration of 4 minutes per session) showed a 28% increase in anaerobic capacity along with a 14% increase in V02Max.
The group that followed the moderate intensity steady cardio training for a duration of 60 minutes per session showed no improvement in anaerobic capacity and showed some improvement in the VO2max -- but still less than the first group! This study proves that aerobic and anaerobic capacities can both be conditioned and improved at the same time -- using high intensity interval training protocols.
Effects of moderate-intensity endurance and high-intensity intermittent training on anaerobic capacity and VO2max.
Tabata I, Nishimura K, Kouzaki M, Hirai Y, Ogita F, Miyachi M, Yamamoto K.
Department of Physiology and Biomechanics, National Institute of Fitness and Sports, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.
This study consists of two training experiments using a mechanically braked cycle ergometer. First, the effect of 6 wk of moderate-intensity endurance training (intensity: 70% of maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max), 60 min.d-1, 5 d.wk-1) on the anaerobic capacity (the maximal accumulated oxygen deficit) and VO2max was evaluated. After the training, the anaerobic capacity did not increase significantly (P > 0.10), while VO2max increased from 53 +/- 5 ml.kg-1 min-1 to 58 +/- 3 ml.kg-1.min-1 (P < 0.01) (mean +/- SD). Second, to quantify the effect of high-intensity intermittent training on energy release, seven subjects performed an intermittent training exercise 5 d.wk-1 for 6 wk. The exhaustive intermittent training consisted of seven to eight sets of 20-s exercise at an intensity of about 170% of VO2max with a 10-s rest between each bout. After the training period, VO2max increased by 7 ml.kg-1.min-1, while the anaerobic capacity increased by 28%. In conclusion, this study showed that moderate-intensity aerobic training that improves the maximal aerobic power does not change anaerobic capacity and that adequate high-intensity intermittent training may improve both anaerobic and aerobic energy supplying systems significantly, probably through imposing intensive stimuli on both systems. So you see, high intensity interval training is short in duration, but clearly the results have a potent effect. Let me ask you -- if you can workout for an hour, do you really think you're working at a high intensity? You see, if you're able to workout longer than 15-20 minutes on your main set -- you are most definitely NOT working out at high intensity. No way, no how. If there's one major point I want you learn from this article, it's this: fitness is intensity dependent, not time dependent. Now, I've taken the HIIT concept to a whole new level and redefined intensity by combining it with strength training performed in a circuit format. The results are nothing short of amazing. When it comes to producing power, building lean mass, and melting away fat, you simply cannot fail with MAX Workouts. 3. Build More Muscle & Burn More Fat As I mentioned earlier, performing weight-bearing, full-body exercises in high intensity interval and circuit training formats is the single most effective way to skyrocket your power, lean muscle development, and fat-burning -- getting you a lean, ripped, athletic body. Because MAX Workouts is intensity dependent (not time dependent) it triggers a powerful physiological effect known as “EPOC”. Case Study: Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) EPOC is a scientific term used to measure your body's rate of oxygen intake following a high-intensity activity. The higher the intensity of the activity, more oxygen and energy are needed to restore your body. As a result, your body continues to burn calories for up to 48 hours after the workout. Scientific Fact: Short, high-intensity interval training burns calories up to 48 hours AFTER your workout. That means you burn calories while you sleep! Scientific Fact: Lower-intensity aerobic (cardio) activities only burn calories while the activity is being performed Scientific Fact: Anaerobic (strength-training) workouts increase EPOC much more than aerobic exercise does Science has opened new doors and proven that you can get better results in less time. But not all strength and conditioning programs are created equal. The secret is doing the right combination of functional exercises at the right intensity. When you train with MAX Workouts, you can't help but get a ripped body. When you start turning up the EPOC effect in your body, you'll blast the fat off your gut and carve out your 6-pack abs. But even the best training programs, when repeated for a prolonged period of time, stop your progress dead in it's tracks. Repeating the same workouts will get you some results at first, but over time your body adapts and your progress starts tapering off, eventually leading you to a plateau. Your body needs to be constantly challenged in order to make it stronger, more powerful, and lean. For elite level athletes, it only takes 3 weeks to adapt to a routine at which point they stop getting stronger, faster, more powerful, and leaner. Not to mention, repetition can cause burnout and repetitive stress injuries. That's why MAX Workouts has been carefully and scientifically programmed. Every training session is scheduled with a specific purpose in mind -- even your rest days -- and the workout variables (time, intervals, speed, and weights) are constantly changed up to ensure that your body doesn't adapt and that you get adequate recovery. That way you get the best results possible without having to think about a thing. Secrets of an Athlete, Coach, & Professional Trainer My name is Shin Ohtake. Over the past 2 decades as a former competitive athlete, coach, chiropractic soft tissue therapist, and personal trainer, I've uncovered the little-known secrets about losing fat and building muscle in the fastest time possible. Back when I was a competitive athlete, I had the opportunity to spend time with some of the best names in the business, such as Charles Poliquin, world-renowned strength and conditioning coach. Charles was the first to teach me the importance of quality over quantity when it comes to strength training. His advice was way ahead of it's time. In 1992 while I was working on my undergraduate degree in biochemistry at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario Canada, I gained an in-depth understanding of the body's energy systems and how their processes result in calorie burning. I went on to further study anatomy and physiology and obtained my doctorate degree at Palmer Chiropractic College West, in Northern California. It was then that I discovered the connection of the body's nervous system to weight-loss and muscle building. You see, most people don't think of the nervous system as being related to weight-loss and muscle gain. The truth is, by stimulating the nervous system through proper strength training, you can burn more calories and increase your strength and muscle mass. As a chiropractor, I specialized in Active Release Technique (ART) -- a soft-tissue technique commonly used to treat injuries and speed muscle recovery. I had the opportunity to help hundreds of people (including many athletes) with soft tissue injuries that were caused by overtraining. That’s when I started researching fitness in even more depth. I was determined to find the best training methods that would be short in duration (to prevent overuse injuries), but just as effective. I found that there were 3 methods that were the most effective: 1) High intensity interval training, 2) Strength training, and 3) Circuit Training. They each had their own individual strengths and benefits. Through further research and years of practical application I found that combining these training methods produced even better results than just one method alone. BUT, it wasn’t until I finally discovered the perfect combination of these methods, that my program yielded exponential results. With my 20 years and thousands of hours of combined research, university study, and hands-on experience, I developed and refined this proven program so that anyone can get off the fitness plateau and maintain lean muscle without spending hours in the gym. In all my years as a trainer, I've put the MAX Workouts training program to the test on men and women with all different body types, from all walks of life. I've helped people who are overweight, recovering from injuries, and those trying to get past the fitness plateau. From stay at home mom's to professional athletes, I've seen it all. The MAX Workouts program works 100% of the time. I don't tell you this to brag, but to show you that the MAX Workouts program is fool-proof. When you follow my program, you simply cannot fail. "As en ex pro rugby player my body is getting back in shape at shocking speed doing your workouts, in fact I have lost 20 kg and I am going to give it another month before i go out a buy a whole new range of clothes as everything is too big now. I can’t believe I let myself go the way I did but hey I’m on the right path now. Thanks for your work it really is as we say in the UK, 'the dogs bollocks'" --Andy Kershaw, London, UK The Birth of MAX Workouts You could say I started MAX Workouts as a solution to the "mainstream" fitness programs out there today, which are time consuming, non-effective, non-efficient, and injury-prone. Everyone wants to get in great shape, but hardly anyone knows how to do it the most efficient and effective way -- even many trainers. Even if you find a trainer with extensive knowledge and experience, he or she will cost you anywhere from $60-$200 per session. This is not a solution for most people's wallets. Therefore, I wanted to provide a solution for the millions of people that don't want to spend mega-bucks on a trainer and who are tired of wasting time doing workouts that lack results -- and provide a scientifically proven program developed to help you get in amazing shape in less time. I've had 100% success rate with my clients and wanted share my secrets. That's when I decided to put all my knowledge and 90 days worth of fat burning, muscle building workouts for all fitness levels into one training manual and make it available to everyone. "I love the workouts, I have been working out along time, and for the first time I feel like I am actually getting the most out of my workouts. I am no longer taking any creatine, or Nitric oxide boosters. In a way I felt like I was addicted to the products, because I felt I would not be strong without taking them. I feel better, and my body is transforming the way I envisioned. I can’t wait to start the next level. Once again thanks for everything Shin." Michael Aughinbaugh, Ohio

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