Vitamins by Mike VanZutphen

Vitamins by Mike VanZutphen

I recommend Too Your Health for all you Vitamin Needs

Active living takes a toll on your muscle and joints and can provoke inflammatory changes. Replenish protein for muscle repair. Counteract the inflammation response with EFAs in fish and flax, and systemic enzymes. Vitamin C helps post-exercise recovery, along with ribose for energy, topical capsaicin for aches and pain. Support joint integrity with shock-absorbing builders glucosamine and chondroitin formulas. A good multiple is a must for a strong nutritional foundation.

The Gold Standard in Minerals
Albion Laboratories awards the Gold Medallion to help consumers locate products containing the highest quality mineral ingredients based on scientific research. The Gold Medallion on a product is a mark of excellence.
9 Albion Patented Chelates
Minerals can compete for absorption and utilization unless you use true chelate like Albion’s patented chelates, two of which are malates to increase energy.
Malic Acid
ATP production requires magnesium and malic acid. Help your energy crisis with your daily multiple!
Fibro C™
Buffered vitamin C is the best form of vitamin C for sensitive FMS and ME/CFS tummies and GI tracts.
Mixed Carotenoids
Beta Carotene, the safe form of vitamin A, is only one member of the carotenoids—so we’ve added the entire family!
FOS (Patented NutraFlora®)
Provides the environment and food for a happy GI System for maximum nutrient absorption.
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Spares vitamin C and E to improve antioxidant activity, plus improves liver function.
Lipotropic Blend
Enhances liver function with supportive liver nutrients.
Bioflavonoid Complex with Quercetin
The power of vitamin C to protect cell integrity is charged up by bioflavonoids, one of the most active being quercetin
Complete B Complex
Ensures maximum B coverage for energy needs and for a healthy nervous system.
Natural Vitamin E
Absorbs better and stays in the blood system twice as long as the synthetic form.

Whey Protein Isolate
100% Pure, Micro-Filtered

Protein is a requirement for life. As part of every cell, it makes up the building blocks of skin, tissues, organs and muscles. Antibodies, enzymes and hormones require protein. It helps support immunity, digestion, body metabolism and cognitive function.
Introducing TyH’s NEW Fibro-Whey™ protein isolate that is 100% pure protein. Fibro-Whey™ is micro-filtered to preserve taste and the natural configuration of the amino acids. With superior essential amino acid content compared to beef, milk, casein or soy.
Whey protein is the highest biological value of any protein source and contains the highest concentration of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) to offer more immediate energy.
Wake up fibro-fog! Shake up your morning – or any time during the day – with new Fibro-Whey™!

• Pure protein value
• No fillers or flavors
• Nearly fat & lactose free
• Helps maintain lean muscle mass
• BCAAs for insulin & fat metabolism
• May counteract age-related muscle wasting
• Helps raise glutathione levels for immunity
• Mixes instantly, even in water
• 25 g pure protein per serving
How much protein do you need?
Adults require at least 0.36 grams per pound of body weight. For example a 120 lb person needs 43 grams daily (0.36 x 120).

Your daily amount:
0.36 x (your weight) = grams
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